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Product code     AK100
Volume     100 lt
Diameter     45 cm
Height     45 cm
 Length     78 cm
Cover Diameter     30 cm

100 Lt Polyethylene Square Warehouse Features

  • Food compliance is certified.
  • It has a flexible structure due to its low density.
  • It is not affected by sunlight. UV additive.
  • No taste, odor change occurs.
  • Hygienic, does not contain carcinogenic substances.
  • It does not react with chemicals and has excellent chemical durability.
  • It is economical and long lasting.
  • The monoblock is a single piece and does not have weld, rivet, spot, solder joint.
  • Because it is nonporous and resistant to absorption, it does not hold algae, fungus and mildew do not occur.
  • It does not rot, it does not crack, it does not tilt, it does not break down and it does not deteriorate.
  • It is resistant to bumps.
  • Corrosive materials are resistant to oil and petroleum, pests, sea salt and other environmental factors.

Things to know about warehouses

Water is the most necessary resource for life and we meet this need in various ways in our current life. These can be distinguished in main branches as drinking water, usage water and waste water. As Asprefab, these are the measures to be taken in the storage and storage of these waters, which are our specialty. Maybe some of us have what the mains water is clean, my water is flowing clear, what is the water tank or the room, I have my friends cleaned the tank, etc. Having thoughts like this can be both very sad and very dangerous from the health pain.

Water tank is generally used in Schools, Hospitals, Government offices, Residence, Hotels, Dormitories, Private health institutions and buildings with low water pressure. There are also types of water tanks.

The classes of water tanks are in the form of water.
  1. Polyester Water tank
  2. Metal water tanks (stainless Galvanized)
  3. Modular water tank (Galvanized Chrome Nickel)
  4. Fiber water tank
  5. Polyethylene water tank
  6. Concrete water tanks
  7. Tile water tanks
  8. Insulations should be made for rusted, in use, damaged from environmental conditions, lost their properties (can be used), without pre-made insulation, tiles but not sufficient.
  9. Insulation and Insulation types are as follows.
  10. Sliding based applications
  11. PVC membrane application
  12. Regardless of the type of tank, we kindly request that you do not forget that you should allocate an absolutely closed area for the installation or installation place and do not skip this subject when building water tanks.
Polyester water tank is as seen in the figure. They can be of various shapes in various sizes. For example, horizontal, vertical, rectangular are the main shapes. They are long-lasting and used in closed and open areas. In open areas, the formation of algae and bacteria will be more in contact with the sun from the outside. It is within the scope of plastic based water tanks. The most important thing to consider when buying is that the plastic-based warehouse manufacturers have TSE, ISO certificates and have CE printed on the warehouse. These show that it is under the control of the institutions authorized by the state and is not harmful to human health and the environment.
Their size varies according to their tonnage. Sometimes the size of the water tank with a tank tonnage that suits you and the area you plan to build a water tank may not fit. Due to this situation, you may have to buy a lower water tank. It is easy to assemble. Since there are generally purchases for reserve water tanks, the water status in it will have the nature of standing water. In these cases, it is absolutely necessary to disinfect in the short term. Since it is made of hard plastic material, it should be protected against impacts and if it is to be used with cutting and piercing material, minimum care should be taken to avoid damage.

The metal water tank is as seen in the figure. Metal water tanks can also be of various shapes in various sizes. For example, horizontal, vertical and rectangular are the main shapes. They are long-lasting and used in closed and open areas. It is not recommended to be used as a domestic water tank in open areas. It has a long-lasting structure with good treatments. They are durable and long lasting in terms of usability. Its installation is done with special sources that combine. It is more possible to have the desired dimensions. Generally, internal isolation is needed. The quality of using water in non-insulated tanks is that it is stagnant or can be used continuously and does not affect the rusting of the tank much.
For this reason, we have to make an additional internal insulation recommendation in metal-based water tanks. There are no easy deformations in metal-based warehouses. Any repairs can be made in the event of an accident or damage. It is a water tank that can be used long-term and healthy in cases where it is disinfected at short intervals. The disinfection is made by special disinfection gels, cutting, sandblasting traces that occur during intense rusting and manufacturing.
Modular water tank deliveries are as shown in the picture. Its size is very diverse. The usage areas of the modular water tank are very diverse. Well-made floor surface is needed. It is supported with inner post and fixing strips and connected to each other with nuts and bolts. Sealing is provided with special elastic material between each mold. Entrance and evacuation locations can be adjusted as desired. Its disinfection (cleaning) is more difficult and difficult compared to other warehouses.
Since it is metal based, even if it is stainless, if it has not been cleaned in static water tanks in short periods, superficial rusting may occur due to bacteria and diseases. It is stable with experience. Stainless modular tanks have a smooth and slippery surface. It is installed in a short time.

Concrete water tanks are not recommended to be used without isolation or insulation due to their nature. Concrete tanks will definitely leak water during the construction phase if they are not properly insulated and insulated. Bacterial growth is easier than value stores. Their maintenance should also be done more often. The earthquake can easily be affected by road and construction works in the vicinity. It is a warehouse on the tank that is more suitable for damages due to damage. The problems that may occur when there is water leakage in the concrete water tank are in the form of water. Continuous flow of water to the foundation of the building or structure, abrasion and explosion of leaking storage walls or deep crack formation, environmental, garden, artesian, sewage, possibility of wastewater mixing into the tank, etc. In this way, the precautionary measure to be taken against these situations is insulation. It can be insulated in various ways. We recommend that you take precautions against the dangers mentioned above with PVC membrane or sliding insulation.

Tile warehouses are the insulations of the concrete warehouse with tiles as shown in the picture. Tile warehouses are generally the most preferred among the utility water tanks. But because it is more expensive than economic pain, it is left a little behind the scenes. If the tiles water tank is maintained for a certain period of time, it is an ideal form of tank. If the tile joints are spilled and the tile stones that move over time are not repaired, they may cause leaks in the warehouse. We can avoid these as usual, thanks to our company, which is concerned with the disinfection of your solution partner warehouse. With early warnings and interventions, we can dot serious problems before they start.

Insulation Types and Where They Are Applied
Now I would like to tell you about the isolation techniques. Since the sliding-based isolation techniques are made in the form of double-layer application, it is an application against permeability and rust. In fact, yes, this is the definitive solution in fixed and immobile warehouses. It is possible with regular maintenance. However, sliding insulation is applied to existing metal and plastic based warehouses. Construction works, roads, underground works and warehouses exposed to high pressure)

PVC Membrane Application
PVC membrane is as follows. I would like to introduce PVC membrane as the most preferred material in terms of disinfection, which is suitable for economic pain, it can be used for a long time, it can be recommended as an alternative to warehouse and sliding isolations that I provide with all these examples.
PVC membrane is a plasticized PVC based homogeneous structure in accordance with EN 13967 standards. Materials produced by companies produced by TSE EN ISO 9001 certified companies must be used. Application areas are Drinking water tanks and fire water tanks. Now, I would like to explain to you what you think about what this material applied for drinking tanks has to do with our warehouse. First of all, mains water exists in all of us and its source is these tanks. Well we don't drink this water but if you think it is the biggest proof that you are wrong. Because every morning, this water that we wash our hands, we wash our food products, so we need to take good precautions of the place where this water is stored.

If we need to list the prominent features of our warehouses:

  1.      Does not change the quality and content of the water
  2.      Applied safely using special welding machines
  3.      It is long lasting
  4.      It shows high puncture resistance
  5.      Resistant to chemicals in drinking and potable water
  6.      Allows source control testing

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100 Liters Blue Polyethylene Square Water Depot

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