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59m² Concrete Roofed Garden Vineyard-Garden House
You can save time and money with our prefabricated houses from the container you can use in your vineyards and gardens. We build our container houses in 1 day. Depression resistant products are guaranteed. We know the color you want for the vineyard to match your vineyards. You can use our products for purposes such as office and site building. All the necessary details are made from the windows of our ready houses to the plumbing.

Exterior walls are painted stainless steel galvanized hair.

The inner walls are covered with White PVC Rattan.

The closed area of ​​our ready-made house is 42 m²

Balcony (Veranda) 17 m²

Total: 59 m²

2 rooms 1 living room wc shower kitchenware container

Rooms: 8.75 m² (2 rooms 17.5 m²)

In the middle of two rooms there is wc - shower part

Living room: 21 m². It is an open kitchen in the form of an American kitchen

In the rooms - wc - in the shower and kitchen all the sanitary materials are in electrical connection.

Advantages of Our Container Houses

Modular system living container houses is an extremely safe highly insulated Container house solution. Container house is the safest building solution in earthquake zones. Container house insulated wall panels, steel door, electrical installation, water installation, sink and windows are superior.

Let's briefly count by explaining the advantages of container houses.
- Container houses are extremely safe buildings. Since the main skeleton of the container house is metal carcass, it is extremely resistant to earthquakes. It does not show fragility like reinforced concrete structures. It provides maximum security with its flexible structure.
- Another advantage of the container house is its high insulation. The container house has high insulation with insulated wall panels, pvc quality windows, steel door, floor and wall coverings.
- Container houses are produced in a short time. Container house is produced at the factory ready for delivery in a short time using high production technology.
- Container house is produced ready for use. From container house door to window, from electricity to water installation, from sink to lighting lamp, it is produced and delivered ready for use.
- Container house does not require a master. Against the problem of finding a qualified master, which is the most important problem of our country, and making the house, Container house does not require a master since it is delivered ready.
- Container house means quality. Container house has high quality since every detail is produced from quality certified products, from door to window, metal carcass to floor covering, electrical installation to water installation, sink to kitchen cabinet, panel door to steel door.
- Container house has functional use. Container house plans have comfortable functional usage as they are prepared in our specialist technical office considering customer expectations.
- You can make the container house in any size you want. Container offers single-storey and two-storey container house solutions. You can have any size and storey container house according to your space size.
- The container house has a long life. Container house is a long lasting home solution since it is produced with high technology in modern facilities.
- You have a container house and you want to move it to another place. Of course, you can move. With its demountable structure, the container house can be easily moved to other places and offers installation.
- Container home after-sales service. It also provides after-sales technical support service for possible problems that may arise from production and assembly errors in container home products.
- Container house is very economical. Container house is the most economical long-lasting home solution since it is produced with full use of materials in the factory. It is also economical with its short production and start-up.

For your safety in the electrical and water installations of the container house, quality material is used. For your safety, the Container house is tested by quality control before it is shipped. Wrought iron is installed on container house windows upon request. Container house is planned and manufactured in our functional technical office in single-storey or two-storey desired sizes. The container house is disassembled and transported to another place and set up repeatedly. The production of container houses is realized in our modern facilities in a very short time and on-site installation is made by our expert teams. When you meet container house comfort, you will feel yourself in the comfort of other houses.

Container houses are among the houses preferred by many people in recent years. Many people prefer to live in container homes, which are more comfortable, more practical, more reliable and more functional. Container house designs are not houses built on plots. These houses produced in the factories are produced according to certain standards. They are also houses designed according to your preferences, depending on your wishes. You can also request container house design from factories in different ways depending on your intended use, the shape of the plots and your extra demands. Container houses are also recommended by architects.

1- Optimum cost

One of the main reasons why people want to have a container house is the cost-effectiveness. These houses, which can be cheaper than reinforced concrete, wood, prefabricated and other types of houses, support the budget of the people. Square-based pricing that arises in the purchase of a reinforced concrete house is not in question in container houses. Among the container house models and their prices, there are options that can appeal to each person's budget.

2- Fast delivery

Container houses are delivered to you in a few days when produced in factories. Depending on the workload of the factories or your extra demands, this period may be longer and shorter. But the production of a container house will only take days. When the production phase is completed, you can easily move your home or make it ready for use in the area where it is placed. Container house plans are among the rapidly implemented house plans.

3- Customizable Designs

Container houses also have customizable designs. When you order factories or different companies for your home, you can act completely according to your needs. You can determine the details such as the size of the house, changing the location of the kitchen and bathroom, floor and wall coverings, completely without regard to the standards. Thus, even if your house is manufactured by the factory, it can be manufactured completely for you without adhering to certain standards.

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Prefabricated buildings are delivered with electrical, plumbing, paint, door and window frames, glass mounted. On request, delivery is also made with floor concrete, floor coverings and heating installations. All of the materials we use are TSE certified and most are ISO 9001 certified.

The fact that the structures are manufactured in a short time and providing fast assembly increases the preference for prefabricated structures. The production of structures, for example, of the 250 m2 building takes a maximum of 5 days. A team of 4 can assemble an average of 50 square meters of building daily.

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