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Asvanity collection of premier double sink bathroom Vanity will add a level of sophistication and class to any bathroom's decor. The crossroads of timeless design and innovative modern manufacturing processes merge harmoniously to ensure each vanity's finishes and function are as reliable as their unmistakable beauty. Constructed of 100% hardwood and not particle board, Asvanity prides itself on creating high-class Vanity that are designed to last a lifetime. The marble countertop, ceramic sinks, and elegantly crafted doors and drawers all lend credence to the durability and superior craftsmanship that Asvanityis known for. With the understanding that no one space is alike, all of Asvanity vanity designs come in multiple lengths to accommodate any room size.Material: All of Asvanity's Vanity are made from select hardwoods that have been kiln dried to ensure a stable product that will not expand, contract, or warp.Construction: Using joinery techniques that are made to hold together for a lifetime, all Vanity come fully assembled and include interior shelving and a large cut out in the back for plumbing access.Countertop: All of Asvanity's Vanity come with solid natural stone countertops that have been sealed at the factory to prevent staining and watermarks. Countertops are pre-drilled for a standard 8" widespread 3 hole lavatory faucet. The backsplash is included. It is optional to attach the backsplash onto the vanity top.Sinks: Two undermount rectangular shaped ceramic sinks included.Finish: The multi-step finish process on the Vanity is not only rich with color and pleasing to the eye, it is also a very durable; acting as an outer shell to help protect your vanity from wear and damage that may occur in everyday use. Actual color may vary slightly due to different computer monitor display settings.

It is very important that the bathrooms, which constitute one of the important parts of our house, are both hygienic and appealing to the eyes. Bathroom cabinet is also important in order to make the bathrooms, which constitute one of the most important parts of living spaces, look beautiful. Because, when you first enter the bathroom, bathroom cabinets are at the top of the places that will attract the most attention. Although bathroom cabinet models are an important issue, we can say that there are a number of important points that people who will buy bathroom cabinet need to pay attention to.
Must be Functional

Purchasing the very functional bathroom cabinets will naturally begin to make your job extremely easy. In this way, you can have the chance to create a more spacious and modern air breeze in your bathroom by removing your items that may be crowded in the bathroom. Since there are cabinets open to common use, the color, model and function should definitely appeal to the person. It is extremely important that it is as useful as it is stylish, especially since it will be a wardrobe used in their families. With many correct alternative choices, it will be easy for you to catch the stylish environment you want to see in your bathrooms. The choice of bathroom cabinet models is therefore extremely important. There should be kitchen cabinets where you can easily put your personal care products and offer the comfort that will be at hand. Kitchen cabinets should be selected as multi-functional in order to store the items in the bathroom correctly. Thus, you can provide a tidy appearance in your bathrooms.
Light Colors Should Be Preferred

Light colors should be used in order to achieve the spacious environment you are looking for in your bathroom. If you like dark style colors in kitchen cabinets, then you will need to choose your carpet or curtain in lighter colors. Thus, by choosing the right bathroom cabinet models, you will start to have a wide environment that you want to see in your bathroom. You can use a bathroom cabinet with a pattern or color to match your accessories in the bathrooms. The important point here is how you like kitchen cabinets. You should try to choose features that are compatible with your closet, from everything from tiles to furniture in the bathroom.

What are the Considerations When Choosing a Bathroom Cabinet, How to Install a Bathroom Cabinet?

We have to admit that the bathroom is one of the areas that are usually left to the top in home decoration. However, what you need to do to beautify your bathroom is very simple! For example, buying a bathroom cabinet suitable for the decoration style you want to apply is one of the big steps you can take to beautify your bathroom. Let's start to share the curiosity about the choice of bathroom cabinet that makes the area more useful as well as its contribution to decoration.

Choose the right size wardrobe for your bathroom

No matter which area of ​​your house you want to position, you have to choose according to the size of the area when choosing furniture. Choosing the right size of furniture is extra important, especially since the bathroom is usually smaller than other areas of the house. In addition to the bathroom cabinets consisting of the lower module and the upper module, you can take the tall cabinets and install them to the right or left of the sink. Positioning additional cabinets such as tall cabinets around the sink can help you use your bathroom more efficiently.

Easy to Use Products Your Biggest Helpers

Using high storage or complex storage areas can be difficult to clean as well. Therefore, "What should we pay attention to when buying a bathroom cabinet?" One of the answers to the question is to choose products that you can use easily and provide practicality in cleaning.

It is very important to choose products with interior lighting feature, to find what you are looking for easily and to clean bathroom cabinet easily. If you found a product that fits your space and needs, but the cabinet does not have lighting, do not worry at all; You can make the cabinet lighting yourself by applying the LED strips to the points you want! If you wish, you can create a useful space and contribute to the bathroom decoration by placing the wall lights on the sides of the cabinets or the stalactites that will be positioned in a way that will provide a clear view in the bathroom mirror.

In the meantime, let's not go without saying that products with a ventilation grille facilitate cleaning.

Use Your Choice Beside Bathroom Cabinets That Offer Different Areas

You may think that a large closet will meet your needs; but a cabinet without shelves or partitions can disappoint you in using space efficiently. For this reason, you should prefer products with drawers and shelves that will allow you to use almost every part of the cabinet. For example, you can choose cabinets with dirty baskets, where you can adjust the shelves according to the size of the products you will keep, and make your bathroom both more useful and more organized. If you wish, you can also get help from the arrangement products of bathroom cabinet accessories.

The Other Way To Reach Elegance In The Bathroom: Washing Machine Cabinets

The best bathroom cabinet meets your needs and additionally contributes to your elegance in the field; that's right! Well, how about adding elegance to your bathroom thanks to washing machine cabinets? These cabinets, which ensure that the washing machine you put in the bathroom is not visible thanks to its lidded design, also provides extra space thanks to its upper modules. In other words, you can put your bathroom towels, cleaning and care products in this closet.

How To Install Bathroom Cabinet?

In addition to beautifying your bathroom, you bought a bathroom cabinet that will meet your needs. Now, next is the bathroom cabinet assembly. If you wish, we can do this for you as ASPREFAB. Some of our products are already included in the price. But if you want to be the master of your own home and say "How to install a bathroom cabinet?" If you are looking for the answer to the question, we can say that the answer is quite simple. The products you need are mallets, cordless screwdrivers, meters and allen wrenches.

  •         You should carefully open the box of the bathroom cabinet that you bought disassembled and remove all the parts.
  •         You should separate the fittings that come out of the bathroom cabinet and the manual that gives information about the assembly.
  •         If your cabinet has an upper module, you should first install this section. You should first install dowels and dowels in the small spaces in the cabinet, and at the points where the hinge should be located, you should install the hinges with cordless screwing.
  •         Then you should assemble the parts as shown in the manual.
  •         You should mount the upper module on the wall by taking measurements on the wall with the meter.
  •         After this process, you should connect the lower module as described in the manual and measure it with the meter and mount it on the wall. While putting the cabinets together, you can operate with the hex key in some sections. This may vary depending on the model of the cabinet.
  •         Then you can connect the batteries to the plumbing and start using your cabinet after a little cleaning!

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Double sink bathroom vanity

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Prefabricated buildings are delivered with electrical, plumbing, paint, door and window frames, glass mounted. On request, delivery is also made with floor concrete, floor coverings and heating installations. All of the materials we use are TSE certified and most are ISO 9001 certified.

The fact that the structures are manufactured in a short time and providing fast assembly increases the preference for prefabricated structures. The production of structures, for example, of the 250 m2 building takes a maximum of 5 days. A team of 4 can assemble an average of 50 square meters of building daily.

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